Benefits of Having a Single Web hosting Account for All Your Websites

Web hosting Account

The main pillar of your online presence is your website hosting services. The reliability of your web hosting provider plays a critical role in your website uptime. The uptime impacts your SEO ranking and traffic levels. At times, you may be operating multiple websites to serve different projects in your business. For instance, you may operate a website for marketing purpose and another one for e-commerce operations.

Notably, you may be operating on different niches. If so, most veteran webpreneurs will advise you to operate a different website for each niche.  However, you might be having a challenge in determining whether to source for a web hosting provider for each website or to consolidate all your sites under a single hosting account. To assist you to make a critical decision here are some of the benefits of single web hosting account:

a) Save cost

When running a business, being cost efficient is an overall goal. The less cost you use in your service or product production, the higher the profits you will earn. Consolidating your websites under one web hosting service provider is one step in minimizing hosting costs. Instead of paying for different host packages, you only pay for a single one that offers you multiple domains. Hence, you save costs that you can invest in other productive areas in your business.

b) Ease of account management

Imagine operating different businesses and establishing an office for each. Can it be an easy task to manage them? Certainly, it will be a challenge. The same idea applies to having multiple hosting options. Remember, each web hosting provider has their own policies and procedures.

Hence, if you have about ten websites with different hosting providers, you will need to understand each of the company’s terms and condition.   As such, you may not be able to manage the sites. Particularly, if one of your sites has an issue, it will be easier to reach the support team under the single hosting option in comparison to the multiple hosting.

c) Uniformity

 Another benefit of a single host is uniformity. As you know, each web host provider has their own array of features. The features may be different for each provider. Some providers offer quality features than others. Hence, if you use multiple hosting options, each site will have different features. While this can be an advantage, at a time it can pose a challenge when trying to brand your business online as you have to do branding for each site. However, branding multiple websites under a single hosting account is simple due to uniformity.